Hai-Ho Tran is a Bay Area Photographer who has exhibited and donated widely to various charities. He specializes in environmental portraiture, weddings and travel photography. While writing his travelogue with his camera, his appreciation of people and culture headlines the various chapters of his photographic essays. Hai-Ho connects intimately with the places he visits and the people he meets, as his photographs illustrate, offering viewers a closer glimpse into these very unique cultures.

Hai Ho’s name, “Hai” which means “sea”, and “Ho” which means “lake”, translates figuratively into Vietnamese as “Wanderer”. Living up to his name, Hai-Ho is an avid traveler who holds great appreciation for those places where tradition and culture echo a distant past. He often takes refuge in these sacred spaces, blending with the natives; and through his work, he advocates for the preservation of these communities.

Hai-Ho Tran unabashedly admits his partiality for the subjects of his photographs and asks that they be viewed with reverence and sensitivity. His series "Faces of Sapa" is a typical example of the peace and rhythms of harmony which find their way through the life of this region, and inevitably flows into his body of work. This Wanderer intends for viewers to embrace the beauty and serenity of his subjects. He hopes to close the distance between the viewers and the people whom he captures so to begin a dialogue of understanding.

When not capturing dancing lights through the lens of his camera, Hai-Ho can be found at various Bay Area Argentine Tango Clubs. He is a Tanguero and a lover of independent films.